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This Box contains a mix of 16 of our best Chocolates out of our range.

Please not this box will contain a mix of Dark, Milk and White Chocolate, will contain Alcohol and Nutty Chocolates.

These Chocolates will have a Shelf Life of approximately one week from delivery for First Class and five days from delivery of Second Class.


The Eberle Truffle Crème Liqueur is a smooth and well-blended Cream Liqueur combining the delicate flavours of white chocolate, truffle and nuts. Infused with French Marc de Champagne it is carefully blended to underline its structured character.

ABV – 17%


White Hot chocolate Pods, just pop one pod into a mug of hot milk for the perfect got chocolate and if you’re a white chocolate lover, does it get much better than this?  6 pods per pack to make 6 drinks, however if you like it a little stronger and thicker hot chocolate pop two pods into each mug.

Showing 25–27 of 27 results